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SJ Luxe Website Design Birmingham


We specialise in WordPress website design as it’s the most powerful and versatile platform on the market. Your website is your online home, it’s where visitors will end up to learn more about your business, products and services. And the goal is to convert those visitors into customers. Together we can make this happen by creating a responsive website with solid SEO foundations and communicating your business using emotion, high-quality content, cool images for a great UX (user experience).


They say images speak a thousand words and these words ring true. Great images stimulate the senses and capture the visitor’s attention, helping you sell your business and it’s products and services. Our product photography standards are extremely high and that will give your business the edge. Let us help you visually arouse the senses of your visitors with stunning images. 

Branding Services by SJ Luxe Birmingham


Our in-house branding services cover the key areas you need to begin your brand’s journey. So let’s begin with a free consultation and see how we can work together and give your brand the best possible chance of success.


Please visit our gallery and take a look at a few examples of our commercial and product photography shoots so far. 


AT SJ Luxe we understand the challenges in setting up and running a business. Finding the right people to help you develop and bring your vision to life can also be a challenge. We are perfectionist and nothing pleases us more than seeing the businesses we work with grow and flourish. We specialise in Website Design, Product Photography and Branding. We also have a lot of experience in other areas such as, product development, sourcing, packaging, listing products on Amazon and marketing. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, please Contact Us and let’s see how we can help you make your journey to success easier.


Send us a message and let’s arrange a FREE no obligations call to discuss your requirements.