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" It's in the Detail "

SJ Luxe is based in Birmingham. We provide branding services to companies across the UK. We believe everything is in the detail. Your branding journey begins with us understanding who you are, your aims/goals, aspirations and your values. With this information we have begin to build the foundations of your brand creating a unique identity that represents you, your vision and your business.

We completely immerse ourselves into each project as though it’s our own business. We want to live and breathe your brand vision to fully understand it’s message, goals and identity.

Listening is the first step of your journey which helps us to learn and visualise your ideas, visions and goals. With this information we can also picture where your brand will be positioned in the current market, your niche with a broad idea of your customer likely audience.

SJ Luxe Branding


The next step is to find a name that suits your brands image. Finding a name might sound pretty straight forward and in some cases it might just be. Your name is your brand identity and the importance of getting this right should not be underestimated. Your brand name and it’s etymology has to fit perfectly for your brand, products and audience. The name should not only fit and look good, it should also be easily spoken, understood and pronounced. Let’s get a few options together and do the checks.

The final step of this process is to check the availability, the last thing you want to do is have a name that’s easily confused with other businesses already out there. Availability checks include conflicts with other registered businesses using tools such as Companies House name availability checker, social media, website URLs availability and general business checks. Once these have been completed, we have accomplished the first milestone of your branding journey. 


Now we have the name, it’s time to put a face to the brand with a logo. The logo design should be aesthetically pleasing and will complement the style and brand you want to establish perfectly. Bearing in mind that Logo’s are commonly used on products, so it should look great, be wearable and something that easily identifies your brand. 


For any brand to have a good chance of success, it not only important to have a great product, it’s also important to have a USP. What makes you so unique? This is something that will make you stand above from the competition. Our branding service will help you identify and establish your strengths and what make you so different to the other brands out there. Your uniqueness can be the focus you have on things like quality, sustainability, your promise, customer service, product origin. Your uniqueness should be communicated clearly and included into all your brand’s messaging.


Your branding needs to target your audience, your potential customers. So let’s first begin by establishing who you audience/customers will be. Without knowing exactly who your customers are, it is impossible to understand how to capture their attention. So let’s find your niche audience and understand them. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Their gender, age, demographics, their likes and dislikes, social behaviours and much more. The more information we gather about your target audience the better we can communicate to them and get their attention.



People love a good story and this helps them to connect with you and your brand. Your story is the heart of your brand and should connect to you audience through emotion.

When we say luxury branding is in the detail, we mean everything. Some other areas we will need to consider are –

  • Your brand’s promise
  • Your brand’s values
  • Style
  • Pricing
  • Exclusivity

Additionally, in order to create a strong brand identity we need to establish the brand’s colour palette, typography, imagery and messaging. 

All this information together creates your brand guidelines. These are the rules you will always follow to maintain your identity as a brand. This identity will help you to be stronger and easily recognisable as a brand.

Now we have established the foundations of your brand, we need to make sure everything fits together perfectly. Now we can now move onto the next steps and look at PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY and designing the WEBSITE incorporating the branding rules already established. 



Our branding services include rebranding for already established brands. There are many reasons for Rebranding such as evolving the brand to the next level with a fresh new look and feel, fine tuning and perfecting what you have already created to increase your brand’s exposure.

Initially, we will review your brand and would like to get a feel and understanding of what you would like to achieve through rebranding. What the key message will be, strategy, research and ensure a smooth, seamless transition. All this whilst creating a buzz through communication and engaging with the audience of what’s to come.

If you have an idea about a new brand or want to look at rebranding, please CONTACT US to arrange a free, no obligations conversation and let’s see how our branding services can help you make your vision become reality.