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SJ Luxe Birmingham product photography and Commercial photographers, with clients throughout the UK. When it comes to Product Photography our standards are extremely high. Why? Well because we know that great images turn heads and have the power to convert to sales, and that’s the ultimate goal!

With Product Photography it’s important to ensure your images are sharp and fresh. That with a splash of creativity will definitely increase your chance of sales and leads.

We cover an wide spectrum of Commercial and Product photography. From white background shots and info-graphics for your website, eCommerce store, Amazon, Etsy and eBay, right through to the more creative featured products. Or if you are looking for some Commercial photography like headshots of staff or business premises, we cover it all. Looking good has never been as important as it is today and we can help you.


It’s important to get the basics right, so don’t let your products and sales down will poor imagery. Clean white background product photography shots are commonly used to highlight your products at various angles. These are most commonly used on your website, Amazon, eBay along with other selling platforms.

A clean sharp image of your products really helps customers see your products clearly.  White background product photography images usually show potential customers your products at various angles, with some close ups to highlight intricate details. Build customer confidence in helping them make a more informed buying decision.

Sharp stunning images attract attention, helping customers see your products and services clearly giving them a better shopping experience.

Great images sell, so the better your images, the higher the chance to convert those visitors into customers. 


Whilst white background product photography is a great way to show products clearly, however we also want some eye catching featured product photography to promote products. These shots show the products in use or in their natural surroundings. Featured shots are usually used used to promote your products on social media, adverts and for eye catching hero images on websites. 

Promotional shots can also embrace your branding to help your products and brand standout from the rest. 

Great featured shots can get you some attention and that’s what it’s about. Ultimately driving visitors to your website and increase sales.


Commercial photography is used to see your business. These shots are generally used to promote the business as a whole. 

Commercial photography can include images of staff, your premises and even projects you have completed. Attractive commercial shots can increase interest in your business and help you sell more. 

So Why Choose Us?

As you can see our experience in photography covers most if not all bases you need for your business. 

We don’t just take on projects on a time charged basis. You need a job doing and we don’t stop until we get the best results. 

All of our Commercial and Product Photography services include;

  • The photoshoot.
  • Cleaning images.
  • resizing and optimising images for websites (if required).
  • High resolution imagery.
  • And very happy clients.


We take great pride in our work and our standards are very high. We like to have an initial consultation to discuss the brief and understand your goals. Whatever your business we like to know more about you. And that’s how we get the best results for your business. 

Everything we do has a reflection on our business and we like to keep that immaculate. We will not rush your work and that’s a promise. We want you to be stunned with the results and if we achieve that we know your customers will be too.

Let's Get You Some Attention

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